How to make CBD Oil at home
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In spite of the U.S. legal clause hanging over its head, more people are beginning to embrace the numerous medicinal benefits of CBD oil. It’s gaining more relevance, and it’s being consumed by millions around the world.

But it may surprise you that only a few of its lovers know how to make this precious oil. If you’re hoping to use it for your own consumption, you’d need to use any of these common methods for making CBD oil.

1. Oil Method

The oil method of extraction is one of the most common methods of making CBD oil at home. It involves the use of carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. It’s very safe and easy. All you need is to use the following steps:

  • Get buds and leaves from a high-quality cannabis plant. Most often, you need a Sativa variant of Cannabis because it is rich in CBD. Heat the buds in an oven until it is decarboxylated.
  • Decarboxylation involves heating cannabis buds to a temperature of about 220°F for about 60 minutes in order to activate the cannabinoids in cannabis.
  • Grind the decarboxylated weed and put it in a mason jar. Pour the carrier oil into the mason jar until it is saturated.
  • Cover the mason jar. Put it into a pan filled with water. The essence of covering the jar is to prevent steam from entering inside.
  • Tune the heater to 200°F and heat for three hours. To ensure that the water does not evaporate away, add more water intermittently. After three hours turn off the heat and allow the mixture to cool for three hours more.
  • Heat it for another three hours and allow it to cool off for the night. Then strain out the extract. The oil should be ready for use by morning.

2. Ethanol Extraction

The ethanol or “alcohol” extraction method is most preferred than others because it doesn’t leave a foul taste on the CBD oil, unlike other methods.

However, it’s more complex than other methods of extraction. These are the steps to take:

  • Put the weed into a bowl and pour some ethanol into it. Cover it for 6 hours. Then stir it with a wooden spoon to extract the resin produced.
  • Put a sieve over a bowl and strain the extract. Repeat the process of pouring ethanol, stirring and straining until you’ve strained as much extract as possible.
  • Pour the extract into a double boiler and heat it under low temperature. The aim is for the alcohol to evaporate. Allow the extract to heat for about 30 minutes. and turn off the flame.
  • Transfer the concentrated extract into a storage container and store it in a cool place.


CBD oil is rich in many cannabinoids with lots of health benefits for the human body. These simple steps are all you need to prepare yours at home, or you can always buy broad-spectrum CBD oil from professional vendors like us. We follow the best industry standards and use the best of cannabis buds to prepare the CBD oil everyone would love.