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A quick search for CBD oil on Google gives you hundreds of options, with a little review of CBD oil and how to buy it oil online.

Buying CBD oil online can be quite tricky; you don’t know what sellers are packaging in these bottles, how the hemp was grown or the concentration. Some people don’t even know what to expect in a CBD oil. We’ll be sharing almost everything you should know about CBD oil and what to look out for in your next purchase.

How is the Hemp Grown?

Nobody is asking this when they want to buy a CBD oil; whereas it should be a significant concern. Hemp is a bioaccumulator. It absorbs chemicals, including pesticides, and contaminants, from the air, soil, and water as it grows. A minimal amount of these contaminants are lost by catabolism, and the rest coagulate to make the hemp toxic.

So, what happens when you buy toxic hemp? You’re risking your body to chronic poisons and cancers related to these pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals.

When next you’re buying a CBD product, make sure it’s organically grown, preferably around the US for third party lab tests and the USDA

Is the CBD oil, THC Free?

You probably know the 400 constituents of a cannabis plant, and the two primary chemical components: cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD and THC have a lot in common, except for different psychoactive effects, various side effects, and some legal issues.

THC is responsible for the “high” of cannabis, whereas CBD has no psychoactive effects. So the first thing to know when buying a CBD oil is whether it’s THC free. To avoid some side effects and legal issues, make sure the product contains less than 0.3% THC.

What’s the Concentration of CBD in the Oil?

Maybe before now, a bartender had ripped you off when you ordered some liquor; the same goes for CBD oil. Some sellers are losing so much money. They get so desperate and decide to dilute their CBD oils to make more profit.

Buying a diluted CBD oil is as good as nothing because the oil is watered down and you’re paying for nothing. CBD concentration may vary for different products, but there’s a standardized preparation protocol to ensure stability. Next time you’re buying a CBD oil, check the CBD concentration to ensure you get what you’re paying for. The concentration for CBD should be around 200 to 1500 mg; meaning the serving size should be around 6.6g to 50mg. Make sure our seller has a lot of options you can choose from.

Is the CBD Effective and Pure?

Now you know that hemp is a bioaccumulator, and you should look out for a THC-free CBD with the right concentration. How do you check all these when you know very little about science, with no laboratory?

A few sellers are sincere about their product, but you should look for reports from a third-party laboratory.

Any Additional Derivatives?

Even though CBD oil is the rage of the media, sometimes you need a few other extracts, like the THC, or coconut oil. The THC here shouldn’t make you high, and it’s here because the health benefit of CBD is more effective with 0.3% THC, and it’s legal in the 50 states.


Before you buy your next CBD oil, you have to know who you’re buying from, where you’re buying and what you’re buying. We’ve listed almost all you need to know before you buy a CBD oil. But if you’re still unsure if you need a CBD oil, see who needs it and how they’re taking it today.