CBD Tinctures

Every hero needs a little CBD love after a full night of adventure. Our Hero’s broad spectrum CBD oil tincture is available in four strengths, sizes, and types.

CBD Salves

Our broad spectrum CBD Superpower Salve is designed for recovery after the toughest of battles. Each jar contains broad spectrum CBD partnered with the dynamic duo of natural Arnica and Candela herbs.

CBD Bath Bombs

Indulge Your Heroness with the rejuvenating properties of CBD and Lavender or Lemon & Eucalyptus.

Lab Tested

The hemp we use is grown in Colorado, US without pesticides and is non-GMO.


CBD is a Cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. People use it to get relief from their symptoms, not to get high.

Shipping Details

Orders placed prior to 6pm PST Mon – Thurs ship next day.
Orders placed Fri – Sun ship the following Monday.
Orders usually ship USPS 1-2 day shipping.

Customer service number:

(949) 629-7741


Wonderdog Biscuits CBD Dog Treats

Beware of Underdogs with these organic, soy-free Wonderdog Biscuits. Your Wonderdog will be the greatest of companions when enjoying the Hero’s CBD oil dog biscuits.


What our customers say

I have been suffering from muscle spasms in my back neck and shoulders for a while. Having tried everything from massage to physical therapy, to muscle relaxers etc, nothing has made more of a noticeable difference than a combo of their potent tinctures and amazing salve. It feels like it is working magic, I couldn’t believe how well it released tension and soreness. I am so glad I found Heros Garden this is my go-to CBD brand. Also…I can’t wait for their new roll on to come out!

Sean Brooks

I love using the Superpower Salve on sore and tight muscles like my neck. It smells so good and the jar lasts a long time. I also treat my dog to the Wonderdog Biscuits, he loves them!

Kaleigh Gitzen

I’ve suffered from chronic back pain for years and have had 6 procedures. I have tried everything from physical therapy to pain medicine but unfortunately nothing was doing the trick, until now. I was recently turned on to Hero’s Garden CDB 900MG Tincture and I can’t believe I hadn’t discovered it sooner. Within days my back pain started to subside and I was able to perform all my normal daily tasks without resistance. It’s definitely been a night and day game changer and thanks to these products I can live a normal pain free life again. It’s safe to say I’ll be a long term costumer. Thank you Hero’s Garden!!!

Brian Johnson (Marine Corps Vet)

I’ve suffered from low back pain as a result of a small bulged disk and looking for anything to help alleviate the discomfort I tried the CBD oil, salve and bath bomb and they definitely helped with the pain and inflammation. It was such a welcome relief and I would highly recommend any of their products!

Laurel Donoghue

I use the CBD balm on my hands when my skin is dry and cracked. It really helps with hangnails on my cuticles.

Sadie Jacobs

I've been using the Heros Garden salve topical the past couple of weeks and it has worked wonders! There was immediate and long lasting relief in some of my neck and shoulder discomfort I've been experiencing. I am definitely going to convince my Dad to get some next for his chronic back and leg arthritis. Great company, service, and products!

Amy Bruns

This CBD balm works great for me. Most of the time I use it for joint pain in my thumb. The pain will be so bad it hurts to grip things but about 10 minutes after using the balm, it definitely dulls the pain so I can use my hand again. It also works great on back aches after a long day of work.

Sean Dallura